Sergey Levin’s Biography

This site was conceived as a Before and After gallery of case studies. All these procedures are the result of my experience, constant scientific exploration and reflect my perception of beauty. This is a vast resource. Amassing this experience has taken decades of work and I hope this site can help future patients make the right decision for them and potentially avoid unnecessary procedures.

My interest in science started early. At 25, I gained a PhD from the First Moscow State Medical University, presenting a thesis in the complexities of the healing of blood vessels after microsurgical sutures.

Straight after the 1991 revolution, I was offered a postdoctoral research position in a well-known laboratory within a Geneva university, specialising in studying the healing of skin wounds. I worked under the leadership of Professor Giulio Gabbiani, the pioneer behind the discovery of myofibroblasts, cells involved in all contractures.

Working with Professor Gabbiani, I continued my research and was able to demonstrate the localised effect of cytokines on the healing of wounds. My work attracted the interest of plastic surgeons in one of Geneva ’ s hospitals. This is how I first came across plastic surgery and I joined the plastic surgery department in Geneva shortly after. At the time, the team was lead by Professor Denys Montandon, now led by Brigitte Pittet. As part of the team and under the supervision of my professor in the G é n é rale-Beaulieu Clinic, I completed a full practical course of plastic and reconstructive surgery, from burn treatment and large-scale reconstruction surgeries to the most delicate aesthetical procedures.

In 2001, I returned to Moscow to start my own practice. I believe I was able to make a substantial contribution to the development of plastic surgery and to medicine more widely here in Russia. I have never focused on my work as purely a way to make money. I have always been driven by a genuine love for my work and pride for my own discoveries. Today, in our clinic, we use numerous new developments that are unique to us and to the way we work.

Our work is based around two important principles – for women to become more beautiful and for no one to notice any evidence of an intervention. This is why we have so many patients.

Here I would like to turn to my patients to say how incredibly grateful I am for their support and their trust.


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